Arizona Desert Trees Guide

Arizona Desert Trees Guide

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Having trouble picking the right trees for your landscaping in Phoenix?  Confused about xeriscape?  Want to learn more about some of the great desert trees in Arizona?

Desert trees are a staple for landscaping in Phoenix.  They can be a focal point for any landscape design, add beauty and interest to your landscaping, attract and create refuge for wildlife, provide shade and help lower utility bills.  Desert trees can be a great investment to the beauty and functionality of your landscaping, but picking the right desert tree for your landscaping in Phoenix is crucial.  There are many great options available with all sorts of bloom colors, canopy widths and growth rates, you are sure to find a species perfect for your design taste.  The key is to stick with a species that is well suited for xeriscape and native to our region for the best results.  Check out our FREE Arizona Desert Trees Guide to check out some of our favorites!

The Arizona Tree Guide will:

Highlight trees that: [list style=”style2″ line=”no”]

  • Use Little Water
  • Require Little Maintenance
  • Are GREAT for DESERT Landscaping!
[/list] Provide information on: [list style=”style2″ line=”no”]

  • Sun Requirements
  • Growth Rate
  • Mature Size
  • Foliage Color and Texture
  • Flower Color and Season
[/list] AND much, much more

Download the Arizona Desert Trees Guide to get the information you need to make your desert landscaping complete!

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