Chandler desert landscaping can be quite challenging if you are not familiar with the unique elements of our desert environment. For the best landscaping success, it is best to stick with desert hardy plants that are native to our desert climate.

Perfect for Desert Landscaping

When it comes to desert landscape design, no yard would be complete without a cactus. Cacti are perfect for Chandler desert landscaping. They are low maintenance…don’t require trimming, fertilizer, etc. and they don’t need much water either. In fact, often times, cacti grow best when left alone. Just take a trip out to the desert, and you can see what I mean. In fact, just check out this beautiful, blooming Ocotillo I saw this weekend near Saguaro Lake!

Here are some cacti varieties that might just be perfect for your Chandler desert landscaping:

Chandler desert landscaping


  • Native to the Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico
  • May look dead for up to a year,  resembling dead sticks
  • Once established, they are light green, with spiny stems
  • Produce orange cluster-like blossoms at the top of the canes in Spring, Summer, and Fall
  • Slow growing, reaches about 20 feet tall and 15 feet wide
  • Do not stake as you would a tree
  • Place large stones over the root area to help secure
  • Require full sun
  • Hardy to 0 degrees.

Chandler desert landscaping


Blog CTA


  • Native to the Sonoran Desert
  • Blossom is the official Wildflower of Arizona
  • Flower is about 3 inches wide, creamy-white, with a yellow center
  • Blooms between May and June
  • Flowers clustered near the end of branches and blossoms open during cooler desert nights and close again by next midday
  • Tall, fluted, with a columnar stem
  • Grows slowly, about an inch per year, reaches an average height of 30 feet
  • Biggest threat is the woodpecker

Chandler desert landscaping

Old Man Cactus

  • Popular potted indoor plant, but great outdoors
  • Native to Mexico
  • Gets its name from its long white hair that protects it from the sun
  • Medium growing, columnar cactus
  • Reaches 45 feet tall and 18 feet wide
  • Likes full sun with afternoon shade
  • Flowers at night, in late spring, and produces white, red or yellow flowers and pinkish-red fruit.
  • Prone to rot, and needs good drainage
  • Hardy to 14 degrees

Chandler desert landscaping

Compass Barrel

  • Native to the Southwestern US and Northern Mexico
  • Gets its name because it grows slanted toward the South
  • Its Northern side is protected from the sun and thus grows faster than its Southern side
  • Also called the Fishhook Barrel because of its heavy, thick, hooked spine clusters
  • Spines are yellow, reddish, pink and grey.
  • Grows slowly, reaches a height of 2 to 4 feet and a diameter of 18 to 30 inches
  • Produces yellowish/ orange flowers in May and June
  • Flowers grow atop the cactus and have fruit
  • Fruit is green when unripe, but will turn yellow and stay long after the flowers have dried up

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