Summertime is Tough on Your Chandler Landscape

The summertime temperatures are on their way.  In fact, this week, we hit our first 100° day. Summertime represents many different things to us here in Arizona. For many it is a time for lounging around the pool, having friends over for backyard bbqs, and getting some much needed time off for family vacations. Unfortunately, summertime is not as easy on our Chandler landscape or our water bills, especially if you have a lawn. The next 4 months or so, we must remember to adjust our irrigation systems and diligently ensure our lawns are getting enough water.

If you are tired of “wasting” water on your lawn, paying higher water bills, or perhaps mowing on your days off, you might consider another form of ground cover. Yes, there are other options besides grass…and I’m not talking about rock!

This summer, consider adding plant ground cover to your Chandler landscaping. Plant ground cover will not only help you conserve water and lower your bills, but it will also help keep the soil around your home cooler in the summer. Plus, plant ground cover can add great interest, color and beauty to your Chandler landscape design!

Chandler Landscape & Ground Cover

Here are some ground cover plant options to consider for your Chandler landscape project:

chandler landscape

Golden Dyssoidia

  • Native low-growing wildflower
  • A grouping reaches about 7 inches tall and 8 inches wide
  • Tolerates full sun
  • Requires little water
  • Produces tiny yellow daisy-like flowers from April to June that attract butterflies
  • Dies back in the winter and comes back from the seeds in warmer temperatures

Chandler landscape

Prostrate Germander

  • A grouping reaches about 6 to 8 inches tall and 3 to 4 feet wide
  • Can be planted in full sun or part shade
  • Requires a moderate amount of water
  • Produces tiny pink/purple flower spikes in the spring and early summer

Chandler landscape

Trailing Lantana

  • A grouping reaches about 1 foot tall and 4 feet wide
  • Requires full sun
  • Requires a moderate amount of water
  • Produces violet flowers throughout the year that attract butterflies
  • Dormant in the winter 

For even more ground cover options, be sure to download our free Ground Cover guide!Chandler landscape

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