Gilbert landscape lighting is a must for beautiful, functional landscape design. With our warm summertime temperatures just around the corner, most of us do not even tempt to venture outdoors until after the sun has come down. As such, outdoor lighting is key to great outdoor living!

Gilbert outdoor lighting is a great investment in both your home and your lifestyle. Landscape lighting will make your outdoor living space more usable. Thus, increasing the value of your home. Further, outdoor lighting can give your outdoor oasis a whole new look! It can create stunning first impressions and elegant entertaining areas. It can add drama and intrigue, creating shadows and depth. With outdoor lighting, you are able to start with a dark/ blank canvass and highlight and accentuate only what you want to.

Outdoor lighting is very practical as well. It offers homeowners a sense of security and safety. Lighting helps deter prospectiveGilbert landscape lighting intruders. It also helps illuminate walkways and potential hazards like debris and steps.

While landscape lighting may seem simple, there is actually quite a bit of thought and creativity involved. Landscape contractors have to account for wattage limitations, cords, and power sources.

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Gilbert Landscape Lighting Tips

Gilbert landscape lighting

For the best results, make sure to incorporate a variety of outdoor lights and lighting techniques into your desert landscape design. Add floodlights and pathlights. Add up-lighting and down-lighting.

Install spotlights with glare guards to keep lights from shining into anyone’s eyes. Also, avoid shining lights into nearby roads, at your neighbor’s property, or into your own windows.

When planning path lighting, make sure to avoid the airport runway look. Make sure that lights are staggered, not placed too closely or symmetrical. Use more subtle lights as well, not anything too blaring or bright. Also make sure lights are placed in areas where they will not be kicked, moved, or run over with the lawnmower.

Make sure the lighting is balanced throughout your property. You do not want to clump lighting in only one specific spot or create any hard border lines.

Finally, remember the most important rule in lighting- subtly is best.

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