The Perfect Tree for Your Gilbert Landscape

Desert shade trees are probably the most important element for any Gilbert landscape design. Picking the perfect tree for your property, however, can be quite overwhelming as there are many great options available. I often recommend trees that function well in xeriscape—they are drought tolerant, require full sun, and need little water. Picking a tree that is native to our region will save you time, frustration and money. In addition, native trees also provide refuge for our native wildlife! When working with your licensed landscape contractor, make sure to avoid planting trees too close to your septic system, power lines or foundations. Below are three great desert trees perfect for your Gilbert landscape project!

Foothills Palo Verde

  • Also called the Little Leaf Palo Verde or the Yellow Palo Verde.

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  • In Spanish, Palo Verde means “green stick”. As the name indicates the tree has green bark, branches, limbs and leaves. The branches are spine-tipped and the bark is smooth. As such, do not plant too close to walkways.
  • Shrubbier type of tree. Grows relatively slowly. Usually reaches about 15 feet in height, but can reach up to 40 feet.
  • Branches are straight and upright.
  • Produces fragrant, yellow flowers in the spring.
  • Home to Hummingbirds, Doves and other birds.
  • Produces little pods that contain very sweet navy-bean sized beans.
  • Can live 100 years or more.

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Palo BreaGilbert landscape

  • Also called the Sonoran Palo Verde.
  • Grows quickly and reaches heights of 25 feet and widths of 25 feet.
  • Has a unique, smooth, light-green twisted trunk, twisted branches and a wide, open, umbrella-like crown.
  • Has spines so avoid planting near high traffic areas.
  • Produces yellow clusters of flowers in late spring.  Branches resemble yellow rods.
  • Produces flat, light-brown seed pods.
  • Does not grow in frequently watered areas like lawns.
  • Known to attract bees, butterflies and birds.

Desert Fern

  • Commonly called the Fern of the Desert, the Feather Bush, or the Feather Tree.
  • Has feathery, thornless, bright green foliage and dark gray trunk with vertical and horizontal fissures.

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  • Grows at a moderate rate, reaching a mature height of 15 to 20 feet and a mature width of 18 feet.
  • Branches grow horizontally from the trunk.
  • In colder climates, the tree freezes easily and resembles more of a shrub-like figure.
  • Blooms in May/ June, producing clusters of flowers that resemble cottonballs.
  • Produces flat, brown seed pods.
  • Home to the Large Orange Sulphur Butterfly.

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