landscape gardening ideasThis year for Christmas, Nic and I received Paperwhite Bulbs!  Although we did not list bulbs as one of our “Gift Ideas for Your Arizona Landscaper”, they are one of many great landscape gardening ideas!  My grandma purchased the bulbs from Pittman & Davis

The bulb kit comes complete with everything you will need:  bulbs, a beautiful festive pot, and a clean coir planting disk.  (Coir is the extracted fiber from the outer shell of a coconut.)  The bulbs can be grown indoors or can make a great addition to any landscaping in Phoenix!

The directions are fairly straightforward:

-Prepare the growing medium.  Place the coir planting disk in warm water for 15 minutes.  The disk breaks up and absorbs the water.  It expands before your very eyes!landscape gardening ideas

-Stir the medium to aerate and drain any excess water.

-Fill the planter ¾ full with the growing medium.

-Place the bulbs in the medium, with the tips facing up.

-Add the additional growing medium around the bulbs to secure, ensuring that the necks of the bulbs remain exposed. 

-Keep the medium moist, but not wet.  Place in a cool, dark, well-ventilated area for approximately 2 weeks, when the bulbs are well rooted and the shoots begin to elongate. 

-Bring the bulbs into a bright room to flower.

Bulbs are one of the best landscape gardening ideas.  They are available for a variety of flowers including:  Daffodils, Tulips, Hyacinths, Snowdrops, Lilies, Irises, Begonias and Amaryllis.

Bulbs do the work of reproducing the plant.  They store food for those months when the leaves die and the plant is dormant. Thus, when the conditions are right, the new plant has all it needs to thrust new shoots up into the sunlight.

Although many flowers bloom in the spring, with so many bulb varieties available, it is possible to have bulbs flowering each month!

landscape gardening ideasRight now, our bulbs are still in the rooting phase, but we will be sure to update you once they flower! 

Do you have any great landscape gardening ideas?  Have you grown bulbs?  We would love to hear your stories!  Leave your comments in the box below!

Thanks Again Grandma!