AZ Landscape Creations not only specializes in customized landscape design and installation, but Mesa excavation as well. Arizona is known for its hard, caliche-like dirt, making excavation and grading something best left to professional contractors with heavy equipment and the training, knowledge, and experience to get your project done quickly and safely. Proper dirt work (excavating, grading, trenching, etc.) plays a key role in most any successful landscaping project. Constructing the proper foundation for your landscape design can ensure the installation will last for years to come! Some of our services includes the following:

Mesa Excavation Services

The most common service we offer in landscape design is gravel spreading. Whether your property is simply a dirt lot in need of all new granite, or if you are looking to replace your outdated rock with a fresh-new look, our bobcat service will make the process quick and painless. In just a few hours, we can transform the most barren, eyesore of a yard into a welcoming and fresh space! If you have a dirt driveway or are in need of some additional parking on the side of your home, consider installing 1/4 minus or gravel for a durable foundation. These materials are not only more affordable than concrete or asphalt, but are also more beautiful. They will provide great curb appeal and help keep the dust down.Blog CTAAZ Landscape Creations also offers drainage and erosion control services. Ensuring your landscaping has the proper drainage is the most important element in any landscape design. There is nothing worse than helplessly watching rain water flood your existing landscape. Whether your landscaping needs some extra fill dirt to raise the elevation, a berm to keep water out or a culvert to allow water to pass through, our Mesa excavation service can help protect your property. We can also design and install a retaining wall. A retaining wall can not only help guard against erosion control, but can also add beauty and functionality to your outdoor living space.

Mesa excavation

Mesa Landscape Excavation

Many times our Mesa excavation services are part of an even larger project. The first step in installing paver patios and artificial turf is proper excavation. Ensuring a solid, stable base is the key to minimizing settlement issues and building a lasting investment.

Sometimes it is those “simple” landscaping additions that really make a landscaping project pop! Building mounds is a great way to reshape and enhance most any landscape design. Building mounds can help add height to a dull, flat area and also help block out unwanted views. They can be used to redirect foot traffic or drainage. Mounds can add beauty as well to your outdoor living space. They can act as a raised element to the garden, or simply emphasize a special focal point.

AZ Landscape Creations Mesa excavation services can also help plant large trees. Planting large trees is another great way to add value and interest to your landscape design. Large trees are a smart choice for our desert environment. The instant shade of large trees can offer refuge from the sun and also lower those electric bills. Large trees also bring tremendous beauty and enhance the maturity of your landscape. With large, mature trees, a fresh, new landscaping project can look as though it has been established and cultivated for years.

AZ Landscape Creations

If you need fast, professional, and hassle-free bobcat service, contact AZ Landscape Creations. We are a licensed landscape company that specializes in landscaping in Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Queen Creek, Phoenix, Tempe, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, Fountain Hills and Ahwatukee. Simply fill out our contact form or give us a call at 480-626-4220 to get started! We would love to help deliver your landscape vision!