Summer is right around the corner and homeowners are taking note on their Mesa landscaping! Homeowners are taking the time now to prep their landscaping to ensure its survival for the warmer months ahead. In fact, the demand for Mesa irrigation system installation has noticeably increased over the past few weeks!

Reliable and efficient sprinkler systems and drip irrigation systems are a must in the Valley. Have you wasted a valuable Saturday afternoon chasing leaks in your irrigation system design? If so, you know it can be no fun.  Digging up irrigation systems, wasting water, trampling over plants, getting muddy, etc. Are you tired of coming home after work only to spend your valuable free time hand watering your landscaping? Whether you are tired of hand watering your lawn and plants or tired of chasing leaks and broken pipes, a new Mesa irrigation system installation can help!

New updated irrigation systems can also help with high water bills. In fact, with over half of our household water use going into our landscapes, it is a good idea to check your watering system to ensure it’s operating at its maximum efficiency. Doing so will not only help protect our water supply, but also lower your water bill and ensure your lawn and plants remain healthy and green throughout the summer.

Mesa Irrigation System Installation:  Keys For Success

As a licensed landscape contractor, all too often I see homeowners ignore their leaky, outdated irrigation systems for too long. I also see inefficiency in the way many systems are installed- watering sidewalks for instance. Awareness is key. Here are some tips to help ensure your system is in tip top shape:

Pay attention. While it is great to have a low maintenance yard, it is not maintenance free. Make sure you occasionally check your irrigation system. Do an occasional walk-through, just to make sure everything is working as it should be. Examine your plants. Ensure they are healthy and getting the right amount of water and sunlight. Catch any issues with your yard right away. Not only will this prevent future headaches, but also unnecessary costs associated with water leaks, plant replacement, etc.

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Hire a landscape contractor you can trust to install your irrigation system and sprinkler system. It is great to hire a landscaper based on a friend or family member’s recommendation. It is comforting to know that the individuals working around your home have a reputable track record. Make sure you hire someone who is meticulous and thorough- not someone who would just leave a broken pipe in the ground and cover it up! Do not hire a company based on price alone. You don’t want to end up with a system that was quickly pieced together with low-quality materials. You could end up paying for it in the long run. Ask your landscape contractor for references. Make sure they are licensed, bonded and insured.

More Info on Irrigation Systems?Mesa irrigation system installation

If you are considering a Mesa irrigation system installation project, simply fill out our contact form or give us a call at 480-652-0290 for a free consultation. For more information on water conservation and outdoor watering needs, check out The site offers interactive plant and lawn watering guides and tools to create a customized watering schedule for your landscaping.

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