concrete paver patioIn this blog, I want to take you on a tour of my latest landscaping in Phoenix adventure….my latest patio paver installation job.  Last week, I completed a 1,600 square foot Belgard concrete paver patio for a client in Chandler, Arizona.  The client’s backyard was mostly untouched…pure dirt.  The client wanted a large concrete paver patio, covering the majority of their backyard.  They were looking for a big area to entertain and bbq that required little maintenance.  Unlike grass and plant installation, patio paver installation does not require any mowing, raking, pruning, etc!  Basically, once your concrete paver patio is installed, all you have to do is enjoy!  The homeowners also decided to get a paver walkway installed, extending from their backyard to their driveway, and extend their driveway with some pavers too. landscaping in Phoenix

My team and I first excavated 7 inches of dirt for the patio, walkway and driveway areas.  This home had an RV gate, so we were able to use the Bobcat to quickly complete most of the dirt work.  When excavating, we had to ensure the area was properly sloped, and set up for proper drainage.  Once excavation was complete, we compacted the subgrade base with a mechanical plate 3500 lbs psi compactor.  patio paver installationWe went over the area multiple times in all different directions, ensuring the area was completely settled.  Next, we added ABC (about 4 inches) to the area and then compacted that.  We put this down in 2 different layers and compacted each.  ABC is the composite rock material used under roads to help ensure strength and stability.

Next, we laid the sand.  We put about 1 inch of sand over the compacted ABC and screed it, ensuring the area is completely level and smooth.  We use a variety of devices, including pipe and aluminum screeds to do this.  Finally, we get to lay the pavers!landscaping in Phoenix

Once the pavers are laid, we compact them with the mechanical plate once again.  Then, we installed edge barrier around the pavers to provide an additional means of protection.  Finally, we put sand in between the pavers.  The sand acts as glue and helps hold the pavers together. 

The driveway paver installation was a bit different.  Because the area needs to withstand heavy loads, we installed rebar and concrete on the edging for the driveway.  The driveway had 5 inches of ABC to help withstand car travel. 

patio paver installationWe also installed a concrete paver step along the side walkway.  There was an existing concrete step that we broke up and removed with a jack hammer.  Once the concrete slab was out, we installed a paver step and glued it all together with concrete glue.  Concrete steps make a nice addition to any paver patio.patio paver installation

Thanks for coming along with me on my patio paver installation job.  I hope you learned something new and have a new appreciation for all the thought and preparation that goes into installing concrete paver patios.  Do you have any questions?!

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