It seems as though a new Queen Creek landscaping contractor starts business in the Valley all the time. Similarly, it seems there is a story on the news, in the newspaper or on Facebook about a new unlicensed landscaping contractor duping customers into paying thousands of dollars for uncompleted or sub-standard work. It is always the same story line: landscaping contractor talks up his services, promises customer “the world”, collects down payment, and then disappears. Unfortunately, these stories are all too common. Don’t be a victim to unlicensed landscaping contractors!

At AZ Landscape Creations, we are customers ourselves. We know that choosing a Queen Creek landscaping contractor is a big decision for any homeowner. We all work hard for our money and want others to do the same. When we enter into a contract with a company, we expect it to be in good faith, that the work will be completed and be of the utmost quality.

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Choosing a Queen Creek Landscaping Contractor

We have had customers in the past come to us after having a bad experience with an unlicensed landscaping contractor. Many times, these homeowners selected their landscaping contractor based on price alone, only to be left disappointed with a huge mess, spending more in the end. Here are some tips to help you get started picking the best Queen Creek landscaping contractor for you and your project:

  • Make sure your landscaping contractor has liability insurance. Ask for a copy of their certificate. Without insurance, you may have little recourse in the event of injury or damage.
  • Make sure your landscaping contractor is licensed with the ROC (Registrar of Contractors). Ask for their ROC number and check the status of their license at: Without a license, you have little legal recourse.
  • Make sure your landscaping contractor has good communication skills. Is the person in charge going to be on-site and able to answer questions as needed? Will the person in charge be able to update you on your project’s status as needed? Will the person in charge be easily accessible and answer your phone calls?
  • Make sure your landscaping contractor is professional. Does the contractor drive a well-maintained vehicle? Does the contractor have the tools and equipment necessary for the job? Is his equipment cared for? Does the contractor provide type-written, detailed proposals on company letterhead or do the proposals look like chicken scratch? Although these details may seem small, they actually can can speak volumes about the contractor and may end up meaning a great deal when it comes to the pride and care that is invested in your project.queen creek landscaping contractor
  • Make sure your landscaping contractor is qualified and experienced. Does your contractor hold certifications by the ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute)? Is your contractor Belgard Authorized? Is he trained in paver patio installation techniques? Does he have recent references?
  • Knowledge is power. Ask questions and follow your instincts. Make sure whoever you hire is “the real deal”!

A beautiful yard is within your reach. By following some of the tips above, you can have a hassle free, rewarding experience!

AZ Landscape Creations- A Queen Creek Landscaping Contractor

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