It is official, it is hot in Arizona! The 100° temperatures have arrived. So, what does that mean for our desert landscaping? It’s thirsty and needs some TLC! Now is the time to start your Queen Creek sprinkler system installation project to ensure your landscaping stays in tip top shape over the next few months ahead!

Why A Sprinkler System?

If you don’t yet have a sprinkler system or irrigation system for your desert landscaping, it is time! Both systems will not only help you keep and maintain healthy landscaping, but they will also save you time and money. An in-ground sprinkler system will apply water evenly, quickly and regularly as scheduled. Drip systems apply water directly to the soil. Thus, they allow you to maintain ideal moisture levels in your soil to promote healthier plants. In addition, by using a drip system, you don’t end up losing water to evaporation and run-off.Queen Creek sprinkler system installation

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Ensure Your Queen Creek Sprinkler System Installation Is Working Effectively

  • Adjust your sprinkler heads to ensure accurate spray patterns. Make sure that your system is covering all areas of your lawn and there are not any areas that are obstructed. Make sure that your sprinkler system is not watering your sidewalks, streets or pavement.
  • Check for broken or clogged sprinkler heads Queen Creek sprinkler system installationand nozzles. Look for sprinklers that are spraying unevenly or not at all or have small pools of water near the heads to identify problems
  • Look out for areas that are continually damp, to find leaks and broken lines. Did you know that even the smallest leaks can waste hundreds to thousands of gallons of water a month?
  • Make sure that the grass surrounding the sprinkler system is not too high that it prevents the sprinkler head from popping up or spraying correctly.

Summer Watering Tips

  • Water before 10am or after 6pm to limit evaporation.
  • Create “watering zones” throughout your desert landscaping, placing plants with similar watering needs in the same watering zone.
  • Mow high and often. Taller grass produces deeper, more drought-tolerant roots. Allow the grass clippings to stay on the lawn to add moisture and nitrogen to the soil.
  • Move drip line emitters out to the edge of the tree’s/shrub’s canopy to develop strong roots as they grow.

Remember, these hot temperatures are for a limited time only! Don’t let the summer heat and sun get the best of your landscaping! Are you thinking about your own Queen Creek sprinkler system installation project? If so, AZ Landscape Creations would love to help! Simply fill out a  contact form or give us a call at 480-652-0290 for a free consultation.

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