Choosing the right Chandler backyard landscaping plants is key to any great design. The right plants can add vibrant color, dramatic texture and life to your landscape. Landscape design in the Valley is continually developing and expanding, just as the population and culture continues to do so as well. With Arizonians coming from all over the country to live here, AZ Landscape Creations is here to develop unique landscape design plans as unique as our clients. As a licensed landscape contractor, we realize people do not fit into “packages” and thus do not try to fit our landscaping into “packages”. Whether you want an English Garden, a tropical paradise, a desert oasis, etc. here are some unique Chandler landscaping plants to check out!

Arizona rosewood

  • Perennial, Evergreen Tree/ Shrub
  • Native to Arizona, Baja California, and Northern Mexico
  • Reaches an average height of 12 feet and an average width of 8 feet
  • Great to use as a screening shrub or hedge to a create privacy barrier
  • Dark green, shiny, lush, leathery, serrated leaves
  • Red leaf stems
  • Blooms during late spring/ early summer
  • Produces dense clusters of creamy white flowers at tips of branches
  • Slow grower, drought resistant, requires little water
  • Great for xeriscape
  • May attract bees

Chandler backyard landscaping

Heavenly Bamboo

  • Evergreen Shrub
  • Originates from East Asia
  • Reaches an average height of 5 feet and an average width of 3 feet
  • Slow grower
  • Poisonous if ingested
  • Segmented, cane-like stems
  • Leaves are smooth and bright green in the summer and turn burgundy in the fall
  • Produces white flowers and red berries in late spring/ early summer
  • Requires regular watering and partial shade
  • Can be invasive if left unattended

Chandler backyard landscaping


  • Perennial, Evergreen Shrub
  • Native to the deserts of Arizona, North-West Mexico and Southern California.
  • Reaches an average height and width of 4 feet
  • Thick, leathery, waxy, grayish-green leaves
  • Female flowers are pale green and produced singly
  • Male flowers are yellowish-green and produced in clusters
  • Bloom in the winter
  • Grows slowly, requires little water
  • Great for xeriscape
  • Jojoba oil extracted from the plant is used in hair and skin care products

Chandler backyard landscaping

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Tuttlei Natal Plum

  • Non-native Evergreen Shrub
  • Used as ground cover, often with rocks
  • Works well as a “filler”
  • Can be used in mass plantings or in small areas
  • Reaches an average height of 2 feet and an average spread of 5 feet
  • Grows moderately and requires some watering
  • Produces fragrant, white flowers in spring/ summer
  • Has thorns

    Chandler backyard landscaping

Want More Chandler Backyard Landscaping Plant Ideas?

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