Desert Landscape Design IdeasAll too often desert landscape design is well…dull.  Just take a drive through most Phoenix neighborhoods and you will see the same lifeless design plan.  Desert landscaping does not have to be drab, but can be dramatic and dynamic with some imagination and planning.  It is amazing what a difference just a little bit of creativity and design can make.  It can add curb appeal and value to your home, make your home “pop” on your street, and turn your backyard into a true desert oasis!  In the article Easy To Care For Sorts of Desert Landscape Vegetation, the author highlights some very unique desert landscaping plants that can help make this difference landscaping in Phoenix.  Two of the plants include the Opuntia Robusta, or the “Dinner Plate Cactus” and the Astilbes, or “Feather Flower”- both not part of the typical Arizona landscape design plan.  For some other unique landscaping backyard ideas, consider:  desert washes, mounds, and accent boulders.