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Desert Landscape Design is Key to Getting the Best Value for Your Dollar

Dear Prospective Customer,

Proper desert landscape design is key to achieving a finished project that meets customer expectations. From experience, as a licensed landscape contractor, I understand that successful projects begin with communication. This involves getting on the same page, building trust, and establishing a common budget and design concept.

To accomplish this, we first answer all of your questions and concerns. In order to get to the heart of your project, clarify your goals, budget, and expectations, we will ask a variety of questions as well.

One important question is – What elements do you want incorporated in your project; concrete pavers, a BBQ Island, landscape lighting, sod, rock, etc.?

After gaining a solid understanding of what you see as the scope of your desert landscape design, we measure and take pictures of your property. During this process we’ll provide you with a budget range. This is when we’ll ask: “The budget for this type of project is $X,000 to $XX,000, does that fit into your budget?”

Establishing a budget range that works for you is crucial before going to the next step – developing a Phoenix landscape design. We love designing creative and wonderful landscapes, but without a budget we’re shooting in the dark. That’s why we can’t begin your design without agreeing on a budget. We want to earn your business by creating an exceptional design, but we’ll be wasting our time and yours without a realistic budget.

AZ Landscape Creations does not charge for its desert landscape design. We understand that any involved landscape project, with multiple elements, needs a design to be successful. Our designs help ensure that we are all on the same page before even starting the project. Each homeowner’s desert landscape design will be given to them once a contract has been signed.

We encourage homeowners to be leery of contractors providing estimates for extravagant landscapes without a proper design. Also, we have seen many homeowners with extravagant landscape designs from design-only firms that are top notch but not practical or within a homeowner’s budget. It is important to keep this all in mind when planning a design and choosing your contractor.

Over the years we’ve built a solid reputation for design excellence, open and honest communication, and top quality workmanship. Our customers are more interested with getting a great product and thoroughly enjoying the process, rather than enduring a cookie-cutter design provided by a mediocre contractor.

Our finished project and the overall experience are why our customers keep coming back and recommending us to their family and friends.

We encourage homeowners to meet with a few licensed landscape contractors before starting their projects to find the perfect fit. We didn’t build AZ Landscape Creations to win every customer. We built it to satisfy every customer we win.

We look forward to meeting you,

desert landscape design


Nic Whitaker
Owner, AZ Landscape Creations
Office: 480-626-4220
Cell: 480-652-0290



Desert Landscape Design

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